CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine Flatbed


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CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutter machine is the best choice for high-speed and precious metal cutting. It is a precision metal cutting machine.
DXTECH flatbed CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine is a good entry-level laser cutting machine. It is simple to operate and maintain, providing users with powerful cutting ability and efficiency, without any high training costs or procurement costs.
CNC Metal Laser Cutting Machine mainly deals with iron plate cutting, aluminum sheet cutting, stainless steel sheet cutting etc.

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CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine Flatbed advantages

1. Simple operating system, to realize rapid cutting on the shape what you want on the metal material, like Steel, Iron, Aluminum Plate, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Cooper, and galvanized sheet .
2. Independent electric control cabinet with strong and weak electric separation, to make your maintenance more convenient and safe.
3. Aviation aluminum alloy beam to ensure the running speed is up to 150m/min.
4. World-class components like guide rails and racks to guarantee the cutting accuracy.
5. The strong iron flatbed to keep the machine for 20 years without distortion.
6. When considering sheet metal laser cutting prices, laser cutting has a higher quality cutting edge, it saves money and time cost if we count all cost all.


CNC Metal laser Cutting Machine is suitable for quality cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel, aluminum-plating zinc plate, copper, and other metals. .

Technical Parameters

Model DXTECH-1530F
Working Area 1500*3000mm(optional)
Laser Output Power 1000W/2000W/3000W/4000w( optional )
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Max Speed 120m/min
Maximum acceleration 1.5G
Servo motor Japan Yaskawa / Japan Fuji
Electrical components Schneider
Reducer Japan SHIMPO
All machines can be customized according to customer needs

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