Evaluation and feedback of users from various countries on DXTECH

1530 Fiber Laser Cutter             Paraguay

A customer located in Paraguay purchased a F1530 fiber laser cutting machine with a table size of 1500x3000mm to expand their sheet metal cutting business, and the customer reported that it has excellent results.

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1530S Fully Enclosed Metal Laser Cutter      Italy

The Italian customer purchased DXTECH’s full-coverage fiber laser cutting machine. With the fully enclosed protective cover, the customer can perform laser cutting operations without emitting any smoke to the environment, which is very environmentally friendly.

1390 CO2 Laser           Guatemala

Guatemala customer chooses DXTECH box CO2 laser machine for engraving wood products. The client mainly processes wooden furniture and is engaged in the advertising industry. After the traditional woodworking machinery could not meet the customer’s needs, the customer chose to purchase a CO2 laser machine to increase production capacity.

1530ET Fiber Laser Cutter for Sheet and Tube    Kosovo

Customers in Kosovo purchased DXTECH tube-sheet integrated laser cutting machine to process metal sheets and pipes, which greatly saved procurement costs and space. The machine adopts a heavy-duty cast iron bed, which will not deform for 20 years. And the equipped aviation aluminum beam runs stably. What’s more, the fully automatic dual-activation chuck is durable.

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